• Group Exhibition
  • Museo D'Arte Donnaregina (MADRE), Naples, Italy
  • 2007

You Have Not Been Honest

All of the filmmakers share an interest in the shifting formation of identities and the subjective experience of the past. This field of research is located in a real historical present as much as providing an imaginative response to it. There is a particular intimacy to all the works, drawing you into the artists' narratives. The films activate an empowering space for the subject and the viewer, both individual and political, one that signals autonomy, the potential of personal sovereignty.

Domesticity is a key theme for location and subject, as well as a filmmaking technique relating to small-scale production values. The films are quiet, slow and idiosyncratic. Presenting multiple viewpoints and unique histories these films make you aware of how you consume and appropriate images as much as how events are filtered through the media and your own perspective. Here the grand accounts of history, belief and power are played out in the background while human dramas – unstable, radical, low key – are brought to the foreground. Polly Staple, You Have Not Been Honest in You Have Not Been Honest: Contemporary film and video from the UK, British Council, 2007, p. 7.