• Group Exhibition
  • Foundazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin
  • 2006

Subcontingent: The Indian Subcontinent in Contemporary Art

A subcontingent is a detachment, a group both separate from and related to a larger unit, which is sent out into the world to undertake a specific task. This show aspires to disturb the stable idea of a claim to a Supra-Subcontinental cultural identity. The subtitle "The Indian Subcontinent in Indian Contemporary Art" emphasises an approach in which the relationships between art production and geographical area are inverted: we are not presenting art form the areas but the paradox of an area (conceived as a conceptual space) metaphorically "invading" the delimited discourse of contemporary art. The South Asian subcontinent includes such diverse countries as Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka (and depending on geo-politcal consideration, Afghanistan, Myanmar/Burma and the Maldives) Approaching its geographical and cultural complexity through the filter of contingency means keeping in mind the provisional status of any status of any statement uttered, understanding achieved or assumption produced. The goal consists of focusing on the incremental, ever changing knowledge that can be built through a continuous dialogue and a permanent state of negotiation and translation.