• Group Exhibition
  • Alte Fabrik and Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil
  • 2009


"… Through their positioning these artists' groups suggest a passive form of community: Names define functions and categories, which we all accept and take on as such. We share these references whether we want to or not. This situation characterizes a social space, which is linked to a collective unconscious. In this sense, one could consider the intimate or personal dimension of community to be another for of illusion. A certain nostalgia for community surfaces again and again as nostalgia for a kind of 'communion'. How could one imagine an intellectual or affective union of categories of functions, if these are what define us? Maybe one should set aside this notion of communion within a community and look somewhere else for a way of making community visible: for example in the space that can be found between categories or functions." P.37 Fanny Gonella, Correspondances, KURATOR 2009