• Group Exhibition
  • Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin
  • 2009


"We shall never reach a moment when the phrase 'This is a story about…' ceases to fascinate or enchant." —Richard Kearney Temple Bar Gallery and Studios presents 'Compendium', a group show of new and recent work by artists based in Ireland and the UK. The title, meaning 'a collection, something compiled, a body of knowledge', is intentionally nostalgic, evoking memories of book or box collections, usually of stories, games or comic book fictions gathered together to inform or entertain. 'Compendium', the exhibition, is a compilation of artworks, each one selected for its strong storyline, narrative references or anecdotal content. The place of narrative in contemporary visual art practice is explored by artists using a diverse range of media (painting, drawing, text, film sculpture, image and sound). Together, the works form a repository of fictions, recollections and recreations. Remembrance and imagination are central to how the narratives are related and configured, but the transformation occurs in how (and to whom) the tales are told.


Colin Crotty (IRL), Dan Hays (GB), Anne Kelly (IRL), Dennis McNulty (IRL), Padraic E.Moore (IRL), The Otolith Group (GB), Peter Saville (GB).