• Solo Exhibition
  • Gasworks, London
  • 2009

A Long Time Between Suns Part I

A Long Time Between Suns - A two-venue solo exhibition by The Otolith Group. 'A Long Time Between Suns' was the first solo presentation of The Otolith Group's work in London. The exhibition is produced by Gasworks and The Showroom and took place in two parts. The Otolith Group, comprised of artists Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, approach questions of archive and futurity through a moving image practice, which often adopts an essay-like form. Part I at Gasworks: 15 February - 5 April 2009

At Gasworks the group presented their first two films Otolith (2003) and Otolith II (2007) within a bespoke environment by the designer Will Holder. Part II at The Showroom: 8 September - 25 October 2009

The second part of 'A Long Time Between Suns' took place at The Showroom's new location in London and premiered Otolith III (2009), the final film in The Otolith Trilogy co-produced by The Showroom and Gasworks. Events As part of the exhibition The Otolith Group hosted several events over the duration of the exhibition at Gasworks and The Showroom which are listed below. Wednesday 18 February 2009 Communists Like Us at The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF

A dialogue between photography and subtitles presented by The Otolith Group provides the point of departure for an archival constellation of the Maoist imaginary. Thursday 26 February 2009 LondonunderLondon at Gasworks

Mark Fisher and Justin Barton present their audio-essay LondonunderLondon followed by a conversation with Sukhdev Sandhu and the Otolith Group on the radiophonic terrains of postwar London. Saturday 14 March 2009 Communists Like Us at Women and the Archive: A Partial Disclosure at The Women's Library, London Metropolitan University 25 Old Castle Street London E1 7NT

Women and the Archive: A Partial Disclosure presents four perspectives on the relationship between women and the archive in contemporary artistic production. Issues of provenance, methodology, property and historicisation will be addressed throughout the afternoon via presentations, screenings, performances and a panel discussion. Sunday 15 March 2009 Facs of Life at Gasworks

Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson present work in progress from their forthcoming film Facs of Life, which takes video footage of Gilles Deleuze's lectures at the University of Paris VIII, Vincennes (1975-76) as its starting point. The artists will touch on the question of the inarchive(the unacknowledged or inoperative archive) and their quest for an impersonal cinema of 'betweenness'. Wednesday 1 April 2009 Collaborative Filmmaking: A Discussion at Gasworks

In conversation with The Otolith Group, John Akomfrah, founding member of Black Audio Film Collective (1982-1998) discusses questions of group subjectivity, collective authorship, aesthetic production and integrated practice that emerge from the histories and potentialities of collective militant filmmaking. Gasworks Founded in 1994, Gasworks is an art organisation based in South London, housing twelve artists' studios and proposing a programme of exhibitions and events, artists' residencies, international fellowships and educational projects. Gasworks focuses on visual arts practice in its broadest sense, working discursively with UK-based and international artists to facilitate the development of their work. Gasworks' programme is committed to providing a responsive context for the work of emerging and mid-career artists, and to disseminating critical practices to a wider audience. Gasworks is part of the Triangle Arts Trust, an international network of artists and organisations.