Multitudes: Guerrilla News

Multitudes was founded by members of The Otolith Group in 1998; it is dedicated to the distribution of alternative networks of information on art, culture, tactical media, politics informed by the multiple perspectives of the Global South.

Multitudes contributes to contemporary modes of knowledge production that demands a critical engagement with the political and cultural conditions of the present thereby affirming the potential of intervention within the disorientations of the now.

We offer essays and articles that critique neoliberalism as a global reassertion of class power that operates through the deregulation and privatization of the world's resources, leading to the impoverishment of the majority of the world's people and the simultaneous escalation of racism and nationalism across the globe.

These political and economic modes of power create impossible conditions for life. Multitudes offers a platform for the fragile, the uncertain and the provisional; it provides a space in which questions of race, class, gender and technology can be complicated, reformulated, reimagined and reenvisioned.

The Otolith Group was founded in 2002. Based in London, their work engages with archival materials, with futurity and with the histories of the transnational. The Group sees its work as a series of explorations with image, sound, text, objects and curation that observe different affective and aesthetic registers, allowing for questions of location and disorientation and creating platforms for discussion on contemporary art practice.

Multitudes used to exist on a private list before it was moved onto Yahoo. It will move again soon and evolve to be a more detailed and participatory platform.