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Department of Xenogenesis. In conversation with Denise Ferreira da Silva and Esi Eshun, Elaine Mitchener and Dante Micheaux
Undisciplinary Residency
Women on Aeroplanes Public Programme
Women on Aeroplanes
Performance by Jace Clayton
Performance by travis
Performance by George Lewis
Essay Film Festival 2018
Mani Kaul: Essay Film Festival
Fukushima and Visual Inquiry
Artists’ responses to the Fukushima Disaster
Climates of Fiction: Cinemas from the Capitalocene
Pan African Space Station
Co-op Dialogues: 1966-2016 with Jean Matthee
Readings by Mouth
Genres of the Human
An Endless Suddenness: Thinking with music that resists resistance
Continental Afrofutures Lecture Series. Lecture 2. The Final Scene of Hyenas: A Fable of Fatal Incorporation
Filmic Dialogue with Yunjoo Kwak and Igor Sevcuk
Continental Afrofutures Lecture Series. Lecture 1: Laingian Science Fiction
The Pop Group, For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?
The old is dying and the new cannot be born: states, strategies, socialisms
Artists’ Moving Image Practice in Britain: From 1990 to today
African Futures
The Eros Effect: Art, Solidarity Movements and the Struggle for Social Justice
The Chimurenga Library
Pan African Space Station
L.A. Rebellion Seminar
Public Assets: small-scale arts orgainsations and the production of value
UIQ in LOVE_A Love of UIQ : Between Translation and Transduction
In The Year of The Quiet Sun
In Search of UIQ: It took forever getting ready to exist Part 1
The Journey, Peter Watkins
In The National Interest
What Can Art Do
Body Tremors: The Geopoetics of Prediction and Premonition
The Militant Image
A Lure a Part, Allure Apart - Events
Alias. Survey
A Sunken Trembling Recalled Dimly
Factory Trouble
Star City: The Future Under Communism
Par quatre chemins, Chris Marker
Shanay Jhaveri
A Long Time Between Suns Part II
A Long Time Between Suns Part I
India Highway Public Programme
Images Sometimes Tremble: Encounters with Durational Cinema
Becoming Dutch
ICO Essentials: The Secret Masterpieces of Cinema - Protest
Film as a Critical Practice
Inner Time of Television
Art Is What Makes Life More Interesting Than Art
Space Soon
If I Can't Dance I Don't Want to be a Part of Your Revolution
Images Sometimes Tremble: Encounters with Durational Cinema
Travelling is Impossible
John Akomfrah

The Otolith Group in Budapest at Blood Mountain