In The Court of The Image

The international hearings, commissions and show trials that originate from the tribunal have always demonstrated an affinity with the moving image because they depend on a public audience for their existence; the presence of cameras has already been written into their mise en scene. This conversation between Eyal Sivan and The Otolith Group takes Sivan's research into the representation of the politics of memory as a point of departure for an exploration of rarely seen films by Marcel Ophuls, Costa Gavras, Claude Lanzmann and others.

Eyal Sivan is a filmmaker, producer and essayist and Reader in Media Production at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of East London. His films include Itsembatsemba, Rwanda One Genocide Later (1996), The Specialist (1996), Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel (2003), I Love You All/Aus liebe zum Volk (2004) and Jaffa, The Orange Clockwork (2009).

Still from Memory of Justice, Marcel Ophuls 1976

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Eyal Sivan
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