Travelling is Impossible

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan presents a four-day program of film screenings and discussions

"Travelling is Impossible: Harun, Kodwo and I"

Films by Harun Farocki
Films by the Black Audio Film Collective presented by Kodwo Eshun

The Ghosts of Songs: A lecture and presentation on the Black Audio Film Collective by Kodwo Eshun.

The Ghosts of Sings proposes the notion that the BAFC corpus of film, sound design, video-essay, tape-slide projection and installation (1982-1998) cannot be classified as either documentary or as fiction but should be understood as a fabulation that exists in between documentary and fiction, belongs to neither but adapts elements from both The work mobilises the archival image as a fiction of history in order to suspend the authority of the document and thereby create the potential for emergence. The result is a body of work that exceeds identitarian discourse and instead projects a rigorous singularity that belongs neither to the gallery space nor to the film theatre nor to the broadcast television but rather function in all spaces. By not conforming to traditional norms of time-based art, documentary or fiction, the BAFC work cannot be fixed within the parameters of any of these traditions. The triple location of BAFC film should instead be seen as a sign of a medial complexity that eludes site-specificity.

Travelling Is Impossible Harun, Kodwo and I
Beirut 2006
Courtesy of Anjalika Sagar

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film programme