THE OLD BRAND NEW How new is neo, and does 'retro' bring renewal?

In the arts, the concept 'new' is an ideal as well as a curse. The avant-garde has been declared dead and 'the cult of the new' is past its peak. The pursuit of absolute originality and total innovation has given way to concepts such as remix and postproduction, eclecticism and syncretism. Is 'new' still permitted, how new is neo, how innovative is retro? By looking at the term 'new' in the light of 'old' subjects such as virtuosity, beauty, knowledge and entertainment, the lecture series THE OLD BRAND NEW proposes to free 'new' of its stale image and present it in its full complexity.

THE OLD BRAND NEW aims to gather insights, thoughts and outlooks that contribute to the understanding and interpretation of contemporary cultural forms. Thinkers and makers with backgrounds in disciplines ranging from fine art, theatre and dance to architecture, from the Netherlands and abroad, reflect from varying perspectives on an 'old' concept that constantly resurfaces in the arts and is thereby made anew. On each evening, two speakers will examine a particular theme in depth, followed by a discussion in an informal atmosphere moderated by cultural philosopher Karim Benammar and others. THE OLD BRAND NEW a title in which the word 'brand' may be read in two different ways does not concentrate on a single art form, but concerns culture in its broadest sense. It may thus be expected to attract an audience with wide-ranging interests.

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