[prologue] new feminism/new europe

.. The exhibition has been collectively curated by five curators from participating venues across Europe, insuring the exhibition is a fresh look at the younger generation of artists unafraid to be known as feminists. [prologue] new feminism/new europe is curated by Cornerhouse's Kathy Rae Huffman in collaboration with Eva Ursprung an artist and curator from Graz with the collaboration of Reni Hofmuller of esc, Graz; Diana McCarty of Bootlab, Berlin; Marina Grzinic, artist, critic and curator based in Ljubljana; Milena Deleva of InterSpace, Sofia; and Agnieszka Wolodzko of Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk.

[Prologue] Screenings, gallery 3

Today, feminist artists are working with video throughout the new Europe also embrace the new technologies, which offer new chances to communicate. This selection demonstrates new directions, yet still examines the personal psyche and the cultural context of early feminist ideology in art and activism.

Artists: Anita Murth and Sol Haring, Anjalika Sagar, Anna Jermolaewa, Beverley Hood, Boriana Ventzislavova, Boryana Dragoeva-Rossa, Candida TV, Chicks on Speed, Eri Daka, foreign investment, Frances Goodman, Hajnal Nometh, Hanna Nowicka, Hito Steyerl, Jamika Ajalon, Katarzyna Gorna, Laura Pawela, Mare Tralla, Marina Groinic and Aina Amid, Nicole Pruckermayr, Sabine Maier, Senam Okudzeto, Tanja Ostojic, Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic

Curators: Eva Ursprung, Kathy Rae Huffman

Project Category
group exhibition