In The Year 2103

For their first solo touring exhibition in South Asia, The Otolith Group presents different aspects of its practice that comprises films, photo works, performance-lectures, curatorial projects, writings and discussions.

Over 2010 and 2011 The Otolith Group will present their work to South Asian audiences for the first time and will open three distinct exhibitions in three cities on the South Asian sub-continent.

Experimenter Kolkatta
December 17th 2010 January 8th 2011

Seven Arts Delhi
20th January 2011 20th February 2011

Project 88 Mumbai
14th December 2011 31st January 2012

This tour has been supported by the British Council.

A new publication will be launched during the exhibition with Project 88 in December.

Otolith III
HD video (colour, sound) 48min UK 2009