A Century Before Us

The Otolith Group's long standing research project into Rabindranath Tagore coincided with a series of similtaneous interests, and we were invited to participate with a research group over three years looking collectively, in depth at Tagore and his experimental pedagogic project, Santiniketan.

As part of this process we were commissioned to create a mural for the exhibition, Tagore's Post Office, one of the events attached to the 3 year cycle of platforms.

"If Tagore were alive today, many might consider him to be a curator, particularly as his interests prefigured the nature of interdisciplinary and transnational curating today. As well as the poetry and plays for which he is most well-known, Tagore was a political and agricultural reformist whose anti-colonial and pro-Dalit stance in the early decades of 20th Century Bengal brought him to widespread attention.

Tagore was also a cosmopolitan educational reformist; it is these aspects of his work that the network will seek to explore, particularly in the context of his development of art and pedagogy at the community and educational establishment at Santiniketan. It is precisely the experimental approach to the process of pedagogy, the openness to ideas of international modernism in the form of art, music and dance in relation to local and national traditions of craft and the natural environment that we seek to connect to contemporary visual culture in new ways, bringing disciplines together and connecting academicscholarship and artistic practice on Tagore to a new academic and non-academic public".

A Century Before Us Installation © The Otolith Group