Inner Time of Television

The Inner Time of Television is the companion book to the Otolith Group's exhibition of Chris Marker's The Owl's Legacy. Banned in Greece in 1989 before its first showing, The Owl's Legacy is an essayistic television series on the relationship between ancient and contemporary Greek cultures, newly presented by the Otolith Group in thirteen channel installation. A collaboration between Marker and the Otolith Group, The Inner Time of Television includes abstracts of each episode as well as reflections on the work and its context twenty years later.

The 2007 and 2010 editions of Inner Time of Television artist book both contain A Brief Meditation on the 13 Legacies of Athene Noctua, Scenes from 13 Scripts for Strix Butleri and Strix Aluco, 13 Abstracts for Athene Brama, Tyto Alba, Otus Bakkamoena, Aegolius Acadicus, Ninox Jacquinoti, Ptilopsis Leucotis, Bubo Virginianus, Strix Nedulosa, Jubula Lettii, Pulsatrix Perspicillata, Lophostrix Cristata, Surnia Ulula and Asio Flammeus. The 2007 edition contains a foreword by Costa Gavras entitled 13 Greek Words, which the 2010 edition does not.

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