UIQ in LOVE_A Love of UIQ : Between Translation and Transduction

Workshop led by Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni

In this seeance we would like to consider Félix Guattari’s unfilmed sci-fi screenplay Un Amour d’UIQ as an unstable, potential entity whose being and becoming has to be envisioned through an ongoing process of translation and transduction.

In Guattari’s script an invisible alien force from a parallel dimension – UIQ, the Infra-quark Universe – makes contact with a group of humans and begins to desire a communicable form (a face, a body) for itself, commensurate with the world of its hosts.

What we propose is to try to make a film without filming a single shot, a film of visions coming both from the UIQ screenplay and from the temporary community that gathers around it. Visions that we will try to convey to each other, share and build collectively.

Normally, when we go to see a science-fiction film concerning alien visitations, the same vision, the same kind of encounter will be imposed upon every community where the film (and the alien intelligence it supposedly conveys) touches down. But what if we could experience this encounter and envision the film differently, depending on our own situation and our desires, our place and time in the world?

During the seeance we are going to try to make such an encounter happen in the case of Félix Guattari’s Un amour d’UIQ and its Infra-quark Universe: to make and unmake the screenplay, play it without a screen, remake the film without having the original, giving shape to its images, sounds, characters, settings and music, imagining what it might be to be affected by an entity like UIQ, in such a way that the encounter expands not only the film’s but our own possibilities.

The transduction seeance is a continuous process ranging back and forth across several territories that roughly correspond to key moments, scenes or themes of the UIQ screenplay. Among things we will be envisioning are:

• the film’s opening scenes and the gradual revelation of its setting

• the composition of the squatter community who make contact with UIQ and
whose desires and relations it begins to affect

• UIQ's powers to interfere with global communications networks and the various effects, both positive and negative, this can have

• the reaction of governments and official bodies to its manifestations

• UIQ's bodiless, a-temporal nature and the troubling sense of “self” it begins to experience in its encounter with the human

• UIQ's struggle to find a voice and a language commensurate with its lack of limits, one that doesn’t recognize precise boundaries between subject and object, past and present;

• UIQ's attempts to appear to the world, give itself a face and body

• UIQ's understanding of human emotions and states of being, particularly being in love

• UIQ's gift (or curse) of immortality. 


A number of seeances will take place in different cities, with a different group of transducers. Among the places where UIQ will be manifesting itself in the past and near future are Lisbon, Barcelona, London, Paris, Prague, Utrecht, Beirut, Bilbao. The transduction sessions will be sound-recorded and fragments of them recomposed into a polyphonic soundwork for the exhibition it took forever getting ready to exist at The Showroom, London, co-curated with The Otolith Collective, 12 February-21 March 2015.

Workshop location
1st Floor, 316–318 Bethnal Green Road
E2 0AG

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November 2014


Booking essential
Please contact eve@theshowroom.org with your full name and contact telephone number.

This workshop has been commissioned by The Otolith Collective and The Showroom, and produced in partnership with no.w.here. It is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Fluxus, a Franco-British Fund for Contemporary Art.

it took forever getting ready to exist, Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni, courtesy the artists

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curated programme