Tyler Friedman

Tyler Friedman is a composer working in diverse contexts and formats. His strain of lysergic-techno—released over multiple EPs on Sweden’s Kontra Musik—is tipped by fans of eccentric, detailed and hyper-warped minimal club music. He has collaborated with the Otolith group on films dealing with topics such as Fukushima (The Radiant, Documenta, 2012), Drexciyan-Techno (Hydra Decapita, Manifesta, 2010) and Pan-Africanism (In The Year of the Quiet Sun, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2013). In 2018, he wrote and recorded a science fiction narrative regarding a (de)evolution of terrestrial life into single-cell organisms for the multi-channel sound installation The Molecular Ordering of Computational Plants, a co-production with Andreas Greiner. His current research is focused on the connections between ethnomusicology and the 20th century musical avant-garde. Collectively, these projects represent a practice that operates somewhere in between the theory oriented partition of the art world, experimental club culture, creative sound-engineering and non-western music theory.