Outsider Films on India

'When I first began to map the concerns for the book, Outsider Films on India:1950-1990, which forms the basis for this set of screenings, it was decided that the effort would aim not at an exhaustive approach, but rather one that was more divergent and antithetical. Indian intellectuals have already provided far more thorough considerations for foreigners and their relationship to India through various fields, notably Pankaj Mishra in India in Mind, Deepak Ananth in his essay 'Approaching India' and Vijaya Mulay in the anthology From Rajahs and Yogis to Gandhi and Beyond. The impetus for this project came largely from living in an India that, due to an economic boom, acquired a new set of pluralities and a multiplicity of relations I found it difficult to negotiate with; troubling what would be consider my 'insider' status.
The transformative powers of globalisation proved alienating, and a personal need to remember emerged. To mine through India's relationship with the west, but at a more sustained historical level, extending back to a moment before economic liberalisation. This inner necessity for memory prompted a call for gestures, expressions of outsider perspectives, not material and utopian. The films selected for the book and this program demonstrate elements...'

Wanting to be a Remember - Shanay Jhaveri

Roberto Rossellini
India: Matri Bhumi 1959
source: BFI The artist

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Shanay Jhaveri