Film as a Critical Practice

Topics will range from strategies of the integration of documentary techniques and narrative rupture, delving into the development of these methods, employed by, for example, Guy Debord in The Society of the Spectacle. The seminar will work through references found in the cinematographic scope of work produced throughout the 1960s and '70s through to more recent examples of how artists structure works that are politically and critically engaged. At the same time, the seminar will explore repositioning of the spectator in relation to the image. The supplemental film programme curated by Ian White, Adjunct Curator of Film from the Whitechapel in London, will be held in conjunction with the seminar and on the evening of 10 November.

The seminar will include individual presentations by each of the following participants. The seminar is moderated by Marta Kuzma, Pablo Lafuente, Managing Editor of the London based contemporary arts journal Afterall, and Peter Osborne, Director, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University, London, Editor of the journal Radical Philosophy.

Archival Authority in Handsworth Songs: Modes of Citation and Methods of Poeticisation
Kodwo Eshun, Writer and Artist
The impact of Black Audio Film Collective's Handsworth Songs (1986) is often attributed to the ways in which it proposes a poetics of the archive; but how, precisely, does the poeticisation of the archival image operate in Handsworth Songs? By examining Handsworth Songs' reconfiguration of sequences from Philip Donellan's The Colony (1964) its use of Mark Stewart and The Maffia's version of Jerusalem (1983) and it's adaptation of sound design in Humphrey Jennings' Listen to Britain(1942), the poeticisation of the archive might be understood as an intervention into the inheritance of post-war documentary made available by legitimation crisis.

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