Index number 1. Spring 2011

Index number 1. Spring 2011
MACBA , 2011
Spa. : 2014-0185
Cat. : 2014- 0177
Eng.: 2014- 0193
24 p. / 15il. /

The second issue of Index features collaborations by the writer, teacher and media-activist Franco Berardi, the art historian, critic and curator Natasa Ilić, the editor of the magazine Chus Martinez, the philosopher and writer Reza Negarestani, the artistic collective The Otolith Group and the philosopher, professor and essayist Jose Luis Pardo.

Index is a new biannual publication of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) on artistic research, thought and education. The journal aims to generate a new bibliography that participates in the renewal of culture and to become a test bed for the construction of a new critical language that encourages thinking from and through art.

The journal Index is released biannually in May and October and distributed free of charge in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. It can be consulted online, or you can receive it by post by writing to

Index is divided into the following sections:

Editorial: Issues and terms that drive another logic and new thought from and about art.

Zoom: How is it possible to put together another narrative of art? Zoom is a space for new intellectual and bibliographic points of reference.

Display: How are exhibitions brought about? What does their research involve? This section attempts to make visible the processes by which exhibitions are conceived and defined.

Mediterraneans: A space for dialogue on the Near East, Europe and North Africa. Different voices offer new formulations regarding culture, art, religion, education and the common future of the societies in the Mediterranean region.

Artistic research: Why and how do I do what I do? Artists talk about their projects in the first person.

Academy: What is the role of education? How are critical visions constructed? Academy deals with the relationship between art and the human sciences, as well as critical-social intervention both within the museum and beyond.

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