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Mani Kaul: Essay Film Festival
Fukushima and Visual Inquiry
Artists’ responses to the Fukushima Disaster
Co-op Dialogues: 1966-2016 with Jean Matthee
Readings by Mouth
Genres of the Human
Filmic Dialogue with Yunjoo Kwak and Igor Sevcuk
The Eros Effect: Art, Solidarity Movements and the Struggle for Social Justice
The Chimurenga Library
L.A. Rebellion Seminar
it took forever getting ready to exist: UIQ (the unmaking-of)
In Search of UIQ: It took forever getting ready to exist Part 1
A Cinema of Songs and People : The Films of Anand Patwardhan
FORMAT, Summer events at the Architectural Association
The Journey, Peter Watkins
In The National Interest
Medium Earth
Body Tremors: The Geopoetics of Prediction and Premonition
Images Sometimes Tremble
The Otolith Group at The Julia Stoschek Collection
The Militant Image
A Lure a Part, Allure Apart - Events
A Lure a Part Allure Apart
Holodecks (and Other Spaces)
A Sunken Trembling Recalled Dimly
Factory Trouble
Murmurs from the Future: What comes after the Capital
Hydra Decapita and Last Angel of History
The Image in Question III
The Image In Question III
The Image in Question III
Outsider Films on India
Harun Farocki 22 Films 1968-2009
Women and the Archive: A Partial Disclosure
A Long Time Between Suns Part II
The Image in Question II
A Long Time Between Suns Part I
The Status of Difference
Harun Farocki: Three Early Films
Images Sometimes Tremble: Encounters with Durational Cinema
Becoming Dutch
Between the Images Imaginable Experiences for Future Memories, IASPIS
Home Works IV
ICO Essentials: The Secret Masterpieces of Cinema - Protest
Film as a Critical Practice
Otolith II, Casco
Space Soon
Images Sometimes Tremble: Encounters with Durational Cinema
Travelling is Impossible
To what extent should an artist understand the implications of his or her findings?
[prologue] new feminism/new europe
Late at Tate Britain: Black History Month

London Premiere of Anathema (2011)
Press Release Erik and Amanda
The Otolith Group in Budapest at Blood Mountain